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If you want to remove the active exhaust valves on your Dodge or Chrysler vehicle, you need a valve simulator to prevent the Check-Engine light and diagnostic trouble codes.

Here is the simplest, fully electronic solution! Other options on the market are purely mechanical; require re-using the valves and mounting them to a dummy plate.


1: Crawl under vehicle and unplug both active exhaust valves.

2: Plug in the Inactive Exhaust modules.  Secure in place with a zip-tie.

3: That’s it! 

You can leave the valves in place if you have a stock system and just want the valves open all the time.  Or you can remove them completely – even sell them!

Great for those that:

  • just want the valves open full-time
  • want to remove or disable “noisy valves” as it is common for them to rattle
  • have faulty valves and don’t want the expense of replacing them
  • installing aftermarket exhaust and are completely removing the valves

This kit contains two parts – one is the inactive exhaust module, with an automotive-grade microprocessor that communicates with the vehicle to make it think that the valves are installed and functioning properly.  The other part is a dummy waterproof connector to keep the second valve’s plug from corrosion.

Works on all systems used in Chargers, Challengers and  300’s from 2015 to present.

Proudly made in the USA!

Z Automotive Inactive Exhaust

SKU: evotnd-zauto-inactve

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