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EVOTND/HP Tuners RTD3 Interface 
Evolution Tuning & Performance and HP Tuners present the RTD3 Interface, the latest generation of hardware allowing dealers, distributors and tuners to use one device to distribute their tunes simply and easily to all HP Tuners supported vehicles.

  • The RTD3, HP Tuners’ Remote Tuning Device.
  • This product page is for the RTD3 Interface ONLY and not bundled with any credits.
  • The RTD3 Flasher application (Windows 7 to 10) has the ability to Identify, Read and Write only, does not support VCM Editor
  • The RTD3 File Format is a HP Tuners’ calibration/tune file format which also does not support VCM Editor.
  • The RTD3 DOES support VCM Scanner, allow end users all the normal VCM Scanner abilities like diagnostics, DTCs, logging and scanning. 
  • The RTD3 allows for customer to read, write and log at thier fingertips using the TDN app and their mobile device. 
  • CREDITS SOLD SEPARATELY (see link at top)


What is the RTD3?

Connect > It is an OBDII interface tool that allows for the customer to read, write and log at their fingertips using the TDN app and their mobile device.

Read > Diagnose and clear trouble codes, monitor vehicle performance or read from your various vehicle control modules.

Write> Have Evolution Tuning & Performance optimize vehicle performance, fuel economy, and more. 

Drive >>>>>


Note: The RTD3 does not include any Credits, pre-loaded tunes or calibrations.

EVOTND/HP Tuners RTD3 Device

SKU: evotnd-HPT-PL-RTD3
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