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Terms & Conditions

By engaging with Evolution Tuning & Performance “Evolution Tuning”, I/We “The Customer” have agreed to the following terms and conditions.

Estimates are only proposals for the intended parts and
services to be provided. They are not final. The final cost of
parts and services will be provided prior to the completion
of services. Estimates are non-binding, as they are often
amended with customer’s consent. Evolution Tuning reserves the
right to update labor and parts based on intended work to
be provided. Evolution Tuning will seek approval for any additional
work to be provided. Evolution Tuning will update invoices accordingly.

Evolution Tuning may provide a link for all invoices connected to
ongoing services provided. The link provides the updated
invoice as service is being provided. This provides the
customer a copy of any proposed work that has been discussed.

Evolution Tuning reserves the right to request an initial deposit for
parts, goods, and services to be provided. There are no refunds or returns once a deposit is made. Deposits are made for parts, reservation of time, and special-order items. All in which cannot be refunded, for any reason, once terms are agreed to. Remote Tuning requires payment up front before any tune file is sent to the customer.


Customer agrees that, should Evolution Tuning provide a tune file,
said tune file is a protected intellectual property. Evolution Tuning is the sole owner of said tune/intellectual property. The Customer agrees any tune, tune file or advice provided shall not be shared with anyone. The Customer agrees that if this information is disclosed to anyone. Evolution Tuning shall have the right to seek damages in the form of monetary compensation for said disclosure. Evolution Tuning reserves the right to enforce their protected right should
customer violate these terms and conditions.

Customer agrees the vehicle is in sufficient condition
without deficiencies. Customer agrees that any deficiencies need and will be disclosed to Evolution Tuning prior to any tuning. Customer agrees that if the condition of the vehicle falls below the standard Evolution Tuning has established, customer is solely responsible for any failures, malfunctions or injuries, etc. resulting. Customer agrees to release Evolution Tuning from any and all liability in connection with the services provided or intended services.

Customer MUST have a wideband (Air/Fuel) gauge if injectors are not stock, if an aftermarket power adder has been installed, and if any fuel system modifications have been done. NO ACCEPTIONS other than mildly modified Hellcats and Modern Ford 5.0 platforms.

Our tuning services are to be provided during normal business hours, which are listed on our Contact page. All after hours support requests are to be directed to Please include your name, reason for request, and best number to reach you at Once an email is received and we are available to assist, we will send an invoice to be paid for one (1) hour of support. Once paid, we’ll reach out either via phone or email to assist. This policy applies to ALL customers.

After Hours support is $200/hr, with a minimum of one hour support provided per request.  

Tuning services are to be scheduled in advance. If not scheduled, we will do our best to return a revision within 24 – 48 hours (during normal business hours). We appreciate your patience as we are very busy and want to be able to deliver the best service possible. This DOES require 100% attention to detail, which is why we honor our scheduling system.

The Customer agrees, understands and consents that all tuning
and/or services provided by Evolution Tuning is designated for OFF-ROAD USE ONLY.

The Customer agrees, understands and consents that the
vehicle is NOT to be used on public roadways at any time if
or when Evolution Tuning provides services. The Customer releases
Evolution Tuning for any and all liability that should arise if the customer chooses to use said vehicle on public roadways. The Customer agrees Evolution Tuning shall not tune or provide any services that negate any emission control devices.

The Customer agrees all sales are final for tuning services. There are no refunds anytime tuning services are being purchased.
Evolution Tuning prides itself on providing state of the art, high quality service.


Due to the EPA’s announcement of their National Compliance Initiative, the nature of our industry and our desire to be compliant to federal law and create a policy which allows us to build a sustainable business, we have decided to provide a policy which clearly states our stance on vehicle emissions systems.

 We DO NOT offer any tuning for vehicles which enables emissions systems to be removed.  If you wish to remove emissions systems from your vehicle, you do so at your own risk.  We WILL NOT shut off any emissions related codes on any vehicle or provide tuning which allows for the removal of any emissions components. We WILL NOT sell any components which enable the deleting of emissions components. 

You WILL NOT find any cat delete pipes or other emissions delete parts on our website. We anticipate our customers can understand our stance on these issues to further provide you with a great service. It is in all of our best interests to do what we can to keep this industry that we love viable for the future and we believe the only way that we can do this is to follow federal law as closely as we can and attempt to work with the EPA to find compromise on these issues.

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