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Introducing MPVI3 by HP Tuners, the fastest and most sophisticated OBDII interface device to date. Now standard with Pro Feature Set (PROLINK+ cable sold separately)


The MPVI3, with VCM Suite, is the most comprehensive scanning, logging and calibration tools on the market. Whether you are building a dedicated track car, a next level streetcar, or just want more fuel efficiency or better towing for your daily driver, HP Tuners has the tools to get the most out of your vehicle. 


What is the MPVI3?

Connect > It is an OBDII interface tool that connects VCM Suite to your vehicle’s various control modules.

Read > Diagnose and clear trouble codes, monitor vehicle performance or read from your various vehicle control modules.

Edit > Optimize vehicle performance, fuel economy, and more. Write > License and tune any vehicle currently supported by HP Tuners.

Drive >>>>>


Note: The MPVI3 does not include any pre-loaded tunes or calibrations.

HP Tuners MPVI3 Device

SKU: evotnd-HPT-mpvi3
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